Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post a Comment is not working in blogger..

My readers are complaining that they are not able to post a comment in my blog. I was not aware of this problem till i got an email from one of my blog reader. Then I searched for a solution to fix this problem. Here I am sharing the same with you in case you face the same "Unable to Post a Comment" problem.

Go to "Customize" -> "Layout", then "Edit HTML" and click on the "Revert widget templates to default" below the "Edit Template" text box. That will solve the problem. Your readers now will be able to post comments in your blog.

Leave a comment if it helped you.
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Show related post for all your blog posts - Linkwithin

Now You can easyly list related items below each of your blog post. Linkwithin is a great tool which enables to show related items in blogger, wordpress etc.

By showing related post under each blog post, you can get following benefits:
1. Your old posts will not go waste. They will be shown as related posts below new posts.
2. You can offer your readers more content to read which they have interest in. Thus, you can have more page views and more revenue.
3. It adds a great value to you blog.

Now what are you waiting for. Follow LinkWithin and show related posts in your blog.
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HDFC Standard Life Spell Bee Contest- India Spells 2009 CHAMPION

Ragvendra Kuppuswamy from ITI Central School, Bangalore is the HDFC Standard Life Spell Bee contest - India Spells 2009 Champion and Lavanya Krishna from Presidency School, Bangalore is the Runner Up. The contest was the toughest Spelling contest in India. The HDFC Standard Life Spell Bee contest - India Spells 2009 Champion program was broadcasted in National Geographic Channel. The grand finale was on Sunday, March 29. The teams in finale were from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur. The Bangalore came as the Spell Bee Champion.

Ragvendra Kuppuswamy received Rs 1,00,000 cheque from HDFC Standard Life plus 3 return tickets to Washington plus 3 nights hotel stay for himself and his parents to witness the Scripps National Spelling Bee, courtesy Make My Trip and a Cello Pens gift hamper.

Lavanya Krishna received Rs. 50,000 cheque from HDFC Standard Life along with 2 return tickets to London, courtesy Kingfisher Airlines and a Cello Pens gift hamper.

HDFC Standard Life also gave gift cheques of Rs 25,000 to each of the semi-final winners.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it required to send application printout to Allahabad bank for Bank PO recruitment?

You might be confused whether to send application printout to allahabad bank or not. I had the same confusion. I got clarified from a bank officer and also from Bank PO advertisement that it is not needed.

Also, the Bank (Allahabad bank) clearly mentions that "Please do not send application printout to the bank".
So, don't worry to send the application printout as it is not required.

Take a Allahabad bank Po Online Test at

Monday, December 28, 2009

Is there a Google Help Forum? How to contact google for help?

How to contact google for help in various google products?

If you are facing any issu with a google product, like Adsense, Adwords, Analytics, Picassa, blogger, youtube etc etc, you can ask you question at google help forum.
Google help forum:

Also, you can find similar questions by other users which will be helpful. Post your question in appropriate category in google help forum. Someone from Google will assist you to find a solution.

Also, you can refer Google Help Center at
You will find a lot of articles about known issues, tips and tricks, program policies, etc etc at Google Help Center.

Friday, December 25, 2009

What is an Orphan file? What are the best orphan file finders?

Orphan files:

The files which are no more used / accessed in a computer are called Orphan files. When we uninstall an application, sometimes all the files associated with that application, DLL Files , images etc are not removed. So, the remaining files are called Orphan files as they are not being used anymore.

The Orphan files can be deleted either by a orphan file finder or manually. But be cautious if you are deleting ,manually. Make sure those files are not used by any other application.

Orphan file finders:

1. The Orphan file finders are softwares that helps to clean up a disc or web server by finding the Orphaned files.
2. The Orphan file finders also find duplicate files and remove them.
3. The Orphan file finders also clean internet browser history and system registry.

Best Orphan File finders:

The below links list a number of FREE Orphan File finders.

Here all are PAID Orphan File finders, but there are trial versions for some Orphan File finder softwares to download.

Here all are PAID Orphan File finders, trial option not available for download.

What is a DLL File?

Basic definition of a DLL file:

DLL is the abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library. A DLL is an executable file that contains some functionality at runtime and it will be shared by many applications. DLL files are not invoked manually by a user, but are called by either a DLL file or an executable file. Microsoft Windows provides a lot of DLL files, that are used by applications to run in Windws.

Example of DLL files:

msi.dll: msi.dll is component that contains functions used to install MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages.

name.dll: The NameCtrl Control, defined in the Microsoft name.dll file, is an ActiveX control that allows a web page to display presence information for people allowing the user to take various actions with respect to those people through an on-object user interface in Windows SharePoint Services. This DLL is installed on the client computer during the Microsoft Office 2007 system setup.

Why should we use DLLs?

Many programs have a huge number of functions that are only used occasionally. Breaking up an application into separate DLLs saves memory by keeping routines / functions on the hard disk until required. Application DLLs can also be made sharable so that other applications will use the same DLL.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top ten ways to drive good traffic to you blog or website?

How to attract a huge traffic to my blog or website?
I am getting less traffic to my blog. How to increase it?

If you have this question in mind, then here is the answer to it.
1. Original Content
First and foremost, put lot of good and original content in you blog or website.
2. Blog must be searchable by Search engines
Make sure your blog is coming in search engines. If not, read my previous post to know how to submit your blog / website to different search engines.
3. Comment on relevant blogs
It is a good strategy to attract some traffic by commenting on similar blogs.
4. Answer in lot of forums
Post quality answer in different forums and put a link to your blog if it is relevant. Don't spam.
5. Interlink your posts
Interlink your blog posts in each other so that your readers will navigate easily in your blog.
6. Use your social networking
Use your social networking like Orkut, Face book and other communities to market your blog.
7. Publish articles in best article submitting directories
Publish some articles in the best article submitting directories like and and put a link back to your blog or website.
8. Answer in Yahoo answers
Answer in Yahoo answers and other answers sites and put a relevant link in of your blog or website there.
9. Bookmark your Blog or website
Submit your blog or website to social bookmarking sites like,, etc
10. Submit your blog to best blog directory
Submit your blog to the best blog directories like , etc
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

What is WPA? What is WPA_KILL.exe?

WPA means Windows Product Activation.

What is WPA:

The idea of WPA, is to enforce the user to activate their Windows Operating System, within 30 days. If not activated, the system will stop working (denial of logon). The activation process verifies the productID of Windows, online. The productID is generated from the serial number used during installation, and two machines cannot have the same productID registered online (unless the license allows it. Then its called a Corporate license or “VLK” – Volume License Key).

How To Circumvent WPA? Or What is WPA_KILL.exe?

You need a tool called WPA Kill (WPA_KILL.exe). There is to versions of this tool, the new version, and the old version. The new version, can patch both XP and Vista not tested with SP1, but you cannot choose the file to patch. The old version only works with XP, but you can use it if you want to patch other systems than then one you booted from (usefull if you are locked out of the XP installation, due to missing activation).

Read more info at

How to access a shared folder in Host OS from Guest OS / Virtual Machine?

How to share a folder in Host OS and access it from Guest OS / Virtual PC /Virtual Machine?

Sharing Host machine folders and accessing them from Guest machine / Virtual machine is very easy.

1. Just install Virtual Machine Additions on the Virtual Machine OS (Guest OS). If already installed, proceed to step 2 directly.

Steps to Install Virtual Machine Additions:

--> Start up your XP Virtual Machine.
--> From the Action menu, choose "Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions".
Press the key command Right Alt + I .
--> Once it is installed, Virtual PC will prompt you to reboot the XP Virtual Machine.
2. Once Virtual Machine Additions is installed, from Virtual Machine's console - go to Edit -> Settings ->Shared Folders (refer below image)
3. Here specify all the drives/folders of host OS which u want to share with Virtual PC's OS (guest OS)

How to drag my mouse pointer from out of Virtual PC / Virtual Machine?

If you are not able to drag your mouse pointer out of your virtual pc / virtual machine, don't panic. Even though it is annoying, there is a very simple method to get rid of this problem.

You will get the below prompt when you click inside the Virtual Machine.

It clearly says that to release the pointer from its captured state, press the host key (Right Alt) and hold it as you move outside of the Virtual Machine window.

So, by pressing the Right Alt ket, you can bring the mouse pointer out side from your Virtual Machine. It's temporary solution.

By installing Virtual Machine Additions, you can easily share the mouse pointer between Guest OS and Host OS. So, this annoying problem is resolved.

Steps to Install Virtual Machine Additions:

--> Start up your XP Virtual Machine.
--> From the Action menu, choose "Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions".
Press the key command Right Alt + I .
--> Once it is installed, Virtual PC will prompt you to reboot the XP Virtual Machine.

Now, you can use the mouse pointer both in Guest OS and Host OS without any problem.

How to install Windows XP inside Vista using Virtual PC 2007?

I have Vista Home Basic OS in my laptop. It doesn't allow me to install IIS (Internet Information Services) which I need for my programming requirements. Even I was wondering how to get over this situation. Finally I found answer to this.

I installed Virtual PC 2007 in my Vista OS machine and then installed Windows XP in Virtual PC. I followed the clearly mentioned steps from below link.
Run Windows XP inside Vista with Virtual PC

Hope it helps.

What is Microsoft Virtual PC 2007? What is use of Virtual PC?

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is a virtualization program from Microsoft. Using Virtual PC 2007, we can virtualize hardware. Supported Windows operating systems can run inside Virtual PC. For example, we can run Windows XP as a guest OS in Virtual PC 2007 if host OS is Windows Vista.

You can learn more about Virtual PC at website. You can download Virtual PC 2007 from there also.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is the national anthem of India?

Jana Gana Mana - National Anthem

The national anthem of India is written by Rabindranath Tagore. Here it is:

Jana gaṇa mana adhināyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhātā
Punjāba Sindha Gujarāta Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Banga
Vindhya Himāchala Yamunā Gangā
Ucchala jaladhi taranga
Tava śubha nāme jāge
Tava śubha āśiṣa māge
Gāhe tava jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa mangala dāyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhāta
Jaya he jaya he jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya jaya he!

Translation into English

The following translation, attributed to Tagore, is provided by the Government of India's national portal:

Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.

Play the video and listen to the national Anthem of India. Proud to be Indian.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Indian Stock markets BSE and NSE starting early at 9 AM from tomorrow (4th jan 2010 )

Indian Stock markets BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) and NSE ( National Stock Exchange ) starting early at 9 AM from 4th jan 2010. The market regulator SEBI agreed to this change of timing. Now the trading will start 55 minutes before the current start timing of 9:55 AM.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is Website Page Rank? How to find Page rank of my website or Blog?

Page rank is how your website or blog is listed in search engines. You can check your website or blog rank at

It shows the statistics of your site as below:

It shows link popularity in yahoo, Google and entire web.
It shows if your website is listed in yahoo, google and or not.
It shows google page rank, the most important parameter to measure your blog or website.

Here is a snapshot of page rank of

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is an anti-virus? What are the top ten antiviruses?

Antivirus or Anti-virus is a computer program that protects your computer from all viruses, malwares, trojans and infected programs. You must have a good antivirus installed in your computer in order to protect it from all types of attacks. The anti-virus should be of the current version. That is most important. Because the current version of anti-virus is always updated with the current virus threats.

Here is a list of few good antiviruses.
1. Norton Antivirus
2. McAfee Virus Scan
3. AVG antivirus
4. Trend Micro PC - Cillin
5. Bit-Defender
6. Kaspersky Lab
7. F-Secure Anti Virus 2006
8. Panda Titanium 2006
9. Norman
10. ESET Nod32

Among them Norton and McAfee are the most famous ones.

How to restart a web server or IIS?

How to restart a windows web server?
How to restart IIS?
What does iisreset do?

If you have any of the above questions, then here is the answer for that.

To restart your Windows web server or IIS, go to Start --> Run and type iisreset then press enter.

What does iisreset do?
iisreset Stops the IIS (Entire Web Server) and then Restarts it.

You can also use iisreset in command prompt. Below is the syntax for the same.
iisreset [computer name] [/option] [/option]

The default command, ie iisreset stops and restarts the web server.

iisreset supports the following command-line parameters:
This option stops, and then restarts all running Internet services.
This will start all Internet services that are set to autostart.
This will stop all running Internet services.
This parameter will restart the computer.
This restarts the computer only when an error occurs when trying to start, stop, or restart the Internet services.
Do not shut down Internet services on failure to stop them gracefully.
This allows you to specify the timeout value in seconds waiting for a successful stop of Internet services. On expiration of this timeout, the computer can be restarted if the /REBOOTONERROR parameter is specified. The default value is 20 seconds for restart, 60 seconds for stop.
This displays the status of all Internet services.
This enables the Restart API for Internet services.
This will disable the Restart API for Internet services.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who are the women Governors in INDIA?

Here is a list of Women Governors in INDIA

NamePeriod State
Sarojini Naidu15/08/1947 - 02/03/1949Uttar Pradesh
Padmaja Naidu03/11/1956 - 01/06/1967West Bengal
Vijayalakshmi Pandit27/11/1962 - 05/09/1963 & 18/12/1963 - 08/10/1964 Maharashtra
Sharada Mukerjee05/05/1977 - 14/08/1978 & 14/08/1978 - 06/08/1983 Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat
Jyothi Venkatachalam14/10/1977 - 27/10/1982Kerala
Kumudhen Joshi26/11/1985 - 07/02/1990Andhra Pradesh
Ram Dulari Sinha23/02/1988 - 12/02/1990Kerala
Serla Grewal 31/03/1989 - 06/02/1990Madhya Pradesh
Chandrawati19/02/1990 - 19/12/1990 Pondicherry
Rajendrakumari Bajpai02/05/1995 - 23/04/1998Pondicherry
Sheila Kaul17/11/1995 - 23/04/1996Himachal Pradesh
Justice M.Fathima Beevi25/01/1997 - 01/07/2001Tamil Nadu
V.S.Rama Devi 26/07/1997 - 02/12/1999 & 02/12/1999 - 10/08/2002Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka
Rajani Rai23/04/1998 - 31/07/2002Pondicherry
Pratibha Patil 08/11/2004 - 21/06/2007Rajasthan

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to know the speed of internet connection?

To do Internet Speed Test for Broadband, Cable, Satellite and DSL Modems and to find the bandwidth use this link.

It will show you many features of your internet connection like
1. Download Speed
2. Upload speed
3. Your Internet Service Provider
4. Your Server info

How to use google search effectively?

What are the features of Google search?
How to improve the google search experience?

We always use Google search for almost all of our online search requirements. But do we know how to use google search most effectively? Do we know how to optimize our search query?

Here are few tips to increase your search experience?
1. For weather: type "weather [placename]"
2. For StockQuote: type the stock code
3. For Current Time: time [placename]
4. For calculation: type your equation left hand side, eg: 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=
5. Unit Conversion: eg: 10.5 cm in inches
6. Dictionary Definitions: Type "Define [word]" eg: Define philosophy
7. Money conversions: eg: 150 GBP in USD


How to calculate complex calculations in internet?

What is google calculator?
How to calculate using google?

You can type your equation in Google Search box and press search. It will show the result. See an example below:

1 pound is equal to how many rupees?

1 British pound = 76.8957237 Indian rupees

There is a good tool available by Google. You can use google search window to get the result.

Type 1 Pound = ? INR in search window and press Search. The conversion result will be shown as top search result.

Other useful google search querries:

Q: 1 dollar in rupees or dollar to rupee conversion
Ans: Type in google search: 1 dollar = ?INR or 1 dollar to inr

Q: euro to rupee conversion or 1 euro how many rupees or 1 euro equal to how many rupees
Ans: Type in google search: 1 euro = ?INR or 1 euro to inr


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top ten Telecom service providers in India

Here is a list of top ten Telecom service providers in India as per May 2009 data.

1. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigama Ltd)
2. Bharti Airtel
3. Vodafone Essar
4. Idea Cellular
5. Aircel
7. BPL
8. Spice Telecom
9. Reliance Communications
10. Tata Teleservices

Mobile number change to 11 digits with a prefix of 9 in India

11 Digit mobile numbers in India from 1st Jan 2010

As the mobile phone users are increasing day by day, as per DoT (Department of Telecom), there will be a mobile number change from current 10 digit system to 11 digits mobile numbers with a prefix of 9 on 1st January 2010. Currently the indian market has close to 500 million subscribers and it expects the mobile phone user base to reach 1 billion by 2014. So, to accomodate such a huge customer base, DoT decided to increase all the mobile numbers to 11 digits by adding a prefix of 9.

Who all will be affected by this move?

1. The telecom service providers have to change the switching to accomodate 11 digit numbers. As per TOI, the telecom service providers in India use sofisticated switching system. So, there won't be much difficulty in doing that.

2. The users need to update their address book by appending a prefix 9 to all mobile numbers.


If you are using software to update your address book, make sure all landline numbers don't append the prefix 9 as land line numbers are not changed.

World AIDS Day 2009 - Facts about AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day - 1st Dec 2009. Let's be aware about AIDS, let's know about facts and myths of AIDS, its consequences, precautions and preventions. Let's equip us with knowledge. If all of us know What is AIDS, How it Spreads and how to prevent it, then We can make the earth a save heaven to live.

What is AIDS? How AIDS spreads?

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is caused or it spreads by a Virus called HIV (Human Immune Virus). The virus spreads from one person to other through blood by following ways:
1. Unprotected sex
2. Reuse of needles in hospitals
3. Blood transfusion from HIV infected people
4. Baby born from an infected mother has chances of having been affected with AIDS
5. Reusing blade for Shaving beard in public saloon

Consequences of AIDS?

AIDS is a killer disease. There is no cure to it, but medical advancements are helping the patient to increase the life expectancy.

How to prevent spreading of AIDS?

We can create awareness among people about AIDS. We can reach out to the uneducated people to educate them about AIDS. It will help everyone to take necessary precautions and this initiative will help fight AIDS.

I request all readers to understand the AIDS problem and to educate each other to kill this killer disease.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Received my first Google Adsense cheque of 103$ on 30th Nov 09

So, here is my reward to my hardwork. I got a cheque of 103$ from google Adsense that I earned from various sources like, and from my blogs. So, please be asured that you can make some part time money from internet by creating quality content. Quality content is most important.

Have a look at my cheque.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Google Innovation – Google Wave!!!!

Google has always come up with innovative products. Here is a new one - Google Wave.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration between people from various platforms. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. Learn more at

When can I use Google Wave?

Although Google Wave can be used in lot of ways, here are few examples to demonstrate it.
1. Organising Events: Keep a single copy of your ideas, and items to discuss, rather than using many different tools. Use gadgets to add weather, maps and more to the event.
2. Group Projects: Collaboratively work in real time to draft content, discuss and solicit feedback all in one place rather than sending email attachments and creating multiple copies that get out of sync.
3. Photo Sharing: Drag and drop photos from your desktop into a wave. Share with others. Use the slideshow viewer. Everyone on the wave can add their photos, too. It is easy to make a group photo album in Google Wave.
4. Meeting Notes: Prepare a meeting agenda together; share the burden of taking notes and record decisions so you all leave on the same page. Team members can follow the minutes in real time, or review the history using Playback.
5. Brainstorming: Bring lots of people into a wave to brainstorm - live concurrent editing makes the quantity of ideas grow quickly! It is easy to add rich content like videos, images, URLs or even links to other waves. Discuss and then work together to distil down to the good ideas.
6. Interactive Games: Add a gadget to a wave to play live interactive games with your friends (we're hooked on Sudoku!). See everyone's moves as they make them in a fast-paced game or take a break and come back later.

Learn more at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to remove large white space above table in blogger?

If your blog has lot of white spaces above a HTML table, then don't worry. That is a very common problem. Here we will see the cause of the White Space problem in Blogger and see how to remove those white spaces.

Here is a sample code for HTML Table:



See the HTML table code above. There are lot of new line as we press Enter after each tag. This causes lot of white spaces in blogger.

To remove the white spaces, put the HTML table code in one line and press enter only when a line is complete.

You can rewrite the HTML table code as below and the white space issue will be resolved.

<table> <tr> <td> Abc </td> <td> 123 </td> </tr> <tr> <td> xyz </td> <td> 456 </td> </tr> </table>

Hope it helps. Give your comments or feedback.
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Child Immunization Schedule / Vaccination schedule in India

Here is a list of Immunization Schedule recommended by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. All the Indian babies should follow the following immunization chart so that they will not miss out vaccination for any critical disease.

Birth BCG, OPV, Hepatitis B
6 weeks DTP, OPV+IPV, Hepatitis B, Hib, PCV
10 weeks DTP, OPV+IPV, Hib, PCV
14 weeks DTP, OPV+IPV, Hepatitis B, Hib, PCV
9 months Measles
1 year Varicella
15 months MMR, PCV Booster

16 months

Hib Booster
18 monthsDTP Booster, OPV+IPV Booster
2 years Typhoid
2 years 1 month Hepatitis A
2 years 7 months Hepatitis A
5 years DTP Booster, OPV Booster, Typhoid
10 years Tdap, HPV

The following table contains the Vaccine Names and the disease for which it is used.

BCG Tuberculosis (Bacillus Calmette Guerin)
OPV Oral Polio Vaccine
Hepatitis B Hepatitis B
DTP Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
Hib Pneumonia, Meningitis, Bacteremia (Haemophilus Influenzae Type B)
Measles Measles
MMR Measles, Mumps, Rubella
Typhoid Typhoid
Td Tetanus
PCV Bacterial diseases causing pneumonia, meningitis etc., (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)
Varicella Chicken Pox
Hepatitis A Hepatitis A
HPV Human Papilloma Virus causing cervical cancer
Rotavirus Rotavirus


You can refer to Immunization schedule in other countries by clicking appropriate links in the above page.

What is the difference between target=_new and target=_blank in HTML Code?

Although target=_new and target=_blank seem to work in same manner, there is a big difference between them.

If we use target=_new, the first link will open in a new window and all others will open that same window. If there are many links with target=_new, all the links will open in same window.

e.g.: Link1 with target=_new
Link2 with target=_new

If we use target=_blank, the link will open in a new window. If there are many links with target=_blank, all the links will open in different windows.

e.g.: Link1 with target=_blank
Link2 with target=_blank


Monday, November 23, 2009

Causes and Prevention of Infant Diarrhea.

What is Infant Diarrhea?
Infant Diarrhea is a disease caused by increased number of bowel movements in a baby causing dehydration and making the baby week. Also, other associated symptoms with Infant Diarrhea are fever.

Causes of Infant Diarrhea:
The main cause of Infant Diarrhea is viral gastroenteritis (the "stomach flu"). The flu/virus enters the infant's body due to unhygenic conditions around him.

Most important suggestion and life saving solution is rehydrating the baby with commonly found ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts). It is available in all government hospitals for free. It is only possible because of the UNICEF. If you want to help save a life you can donate to UNICEF. Donate Now.

1. Clean hands properly before eating anything
2. Clean hands properly after toilet
3. If baby is having outside food, stop it for sometime and give him breast feeding only.
4. Consult a doctor if fever continues to stay in the baby.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home insurance in India?

To protect your Home and your belongings, you must go for Home insurance in India. The insurance coverage differs from plan to plan. But in general, Home Insurance covers damage caused from following natural and man-made calamities.
1. Fire
2. Earthquake
3. Lightning
4. Floods
5. Explosion of gas cylinder
6. Spread of Fire due to short-circuit
7. Riot, Strike, Malicious damage
8. Aircraft laws
9. Impact from rail/ road vehicles
10. Storm, Cyclone, Flood
11. Landslide
12. Burglary
13. Terrorism

If you want more information, follow ICICI Lombard Home insurance information page.

List of Top Home Insurance Companies in India:
1. ICICI Lombard - Home Gold Plan
2. HSBC - HomeSecure
3. The New India Assurance Co. - Householders Policy
4. Bajaj Allianz - Householders

What are the DTH Services available in India?

What is DTH?
DTH means Direct to Home. DTH services send signal to TV directly from Satellite. Now- a-days, these DTH services are getting popular day by day and DTH services have replaced the local cable operator.

Who are the major DTH Servic Providers in India?
Here is a list of major DTH service providers in India. I have included their website as well as customer care numbers. You can use them if you want more information.

1. Tata Sky DTH Service
Customer Care: 1860-425-6633

2. Dish TV DTH Service
Customer Care: 1860-180-3474

3. Airtel Digital TV DTH Service
Customer Care: 1800-102- 8080 (toll free), 12150 (free from Airtel mobile)

4. Reliance Big TV DTH Service
Customer Care: 1860-200-6666, 1800-200-9001 (toll free)

5. Sun Direct DTH Service
Customer Care:

6. Videocon D2H Services in India
Customer Care: 1800-102-3111 (toll free)

Why should someone choose DTH service over cable connection?
1. Picture and sound quality is better in DTH
2. Cost effective – Only Pay for channels you love to see
3. Good customer service
4. Reliable and less disruption of service

I have been a happy customer of Tata Sky for last two years. But all other DTH service providers are equally good also.

How to check expiry date of a LPG Gas cylinder?

We should take utmost care for safety while dealing with LPG Gas Cylinder. While receiving a LPG Gas Cylinder, we must verify if it is expired or not. In case it is expired, we must reject it and demand a new one.

Here are the steps to find out the expiry date of a LPG Gas cylinder:

--> On one of the three side stems of the LPG gas Cylinder, the expiry date is written alpha numerically. e.g. There will be an alphabet like A, B, C or D and a two digit number like 09, 11, or 12. An example of code is B10
--> The alphabets stand for quarters -
A for March (First Qtr),
B for June (Second Qtr),
C for Sept (Third Qtr), &
D for December (Fourth Qtr).
--> The two digits tell us the expiry year of the LPG Gas Cylinder.

Ex: Here B10 means the LPG Gas Cylinder is expired after June 2010.

Please understand that Safety is first priority. Everytime you receive a new LPG Gas Cylinder, first check the expiry date and take necessary action.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is BMI (Body Mass Index)?

The body mass index (BMI), or Quetelet index, is a statistical measurement which compares a person's weight and height and indicates the fat percentage in one's body.

As it is easy to calculate, it's usually used to determine whether individuals are normal weight, underweight, overweight or obese.

Body mass index is defined as the individual's body weight divided by the square of his or her height. Unit: kg/m^2


Here is a list of BMI and what they indicate:

BMI range – kg/m2    Category
less than 16. 5               Severely underweight
from 16.5 to 18.4           Underweight
from 18.5 to 24.9      Normal
from 25 to 30                Overweight
from 30.1 to 34.9           Obese Class I
from 35 to 40                Obese Class II
over 40                      Obese Class III

So, if your BMI doesn't come in the range of 18.5 to 24.9, then you must take action to keep yourself fit.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How can I find the IP address of my computer?

How can I find the IP (Internet Protocol) of my PC/computer?

Finding the IP address of a PC is very easy. Follow the below steps:

1. Go to Start --> Run
Write cmd
and Press Ok
2. Once the command prompt is open, type ipconfig and press Enter
It will display the IP address of the machine.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What are SQM files? Can I delete them from C drive?

What are SQM files? Can I delete them from C drive?
Are they useful for normal computer operation?
Why everytime I login to my PC, I see new SQM files created in my C drive?

The answer is here:

SQM means Software Quality Management. SQM files are created in your C drive by Windows live messenger/ MSN Messenger - a microsoft product. These files are being used by Microsoft for their Quality management purpose.

Deleting these files is totally harmless. It won't affect your computer.

Create a batch file, name it delsqm.bat. Put this batchfile in your start up directory. Default is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

Put the following code in the batch file:

@ECHO Fast SQM File Seek and Destroy
@ECHO This is safe.
attrib -r -s -h -a C:\*.sqm
@ECHO Done!

This will resolve this annoying issue.

How to pronounce English words

If you are interested to learn proper pronunciation of English words,
if you want to be an influential english speaker,
if you want your mother tongue should not affect your English pronunciation,
then you have to work hard learning proper pronunciation of English Words.

You can learn proper pronunciation from Merriam webster Dictionary.

So, add it to your favourites and use it as much as you can.

Specifically if you are deleaing with foreign clients, proper english pronunciation it is a must. Very useful for call center executives. So, learn it soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to download youtube videos?

If you like some youtube videos and want to download that, you can do that in various ways.

Here are two sites you can follow to download Youtube videos.

Here is an youtube video on how to use KEEPVID.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What is Mouse sensitivity? How to change Mouse sensitivity?

The speed at which the cursor of a mouse moves is called Mouse sensitivity. With high mouse sensitivity, the mouse pointer moves faster on the computer screen and with low sensitivity, the mouse pointer moves slowly on the computer screen. We can have better control on mouse pointer movement when the mouse sensitivity is less.

To alter the mouse sensitivity in your windows machine, follow the below steps:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel
2. Double click on mouse Icon (in Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95 etc). In case of Vista, click on Hardware and Sound -> Mouse
3. Mouse Properties window will open.
4. Click on the tab Pointer Options
5. Click on the pointer in Motion box and drag it to left or right depending your requirement. Dragging it left will decrease the mouse sensitivity and dragging it right will act reversely.
6. Now Press Apply and OK.

How to make an emergency call from mobile phone?

Every GSM phone contains an emergency call service. There are country specific emergency numbers, especially 112 and 911 are the emergency numbers.

The speciality of emergency call is you can dial these numbers even when your key pad is locked.
Secondly, you can connect to a local telephone operator (emergency specialist) even if there is no network.

So, once you are connected to a local telephone operator (emergency specialist), you will be redirected to specific emergency departments like Police, Fire and medical.

Friday, October 9, 2009

How much we can earn through Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a wonderful online money making tool. There is no limit on how much you can earn through Google adsense program.

As a beginner, it may seem to be slow earning. But, once you consistently increase content in your blog or website and the traffic to your site is increased, you can earn a steady earning from adsense.

I know people who are earning $150 to $250 per month. Google Adsense has the potential to give you an earning of $100 per day, even surprisingly, few people are earning $1000 per day.

To achieve this level, it need lot of things like your site should attract huge traffic, you ads must be very much optimised so that people click them.

The ads must be properly blended with the color of your web pages to avoid ad blindness to your users.

The quality of all your posts must be of high standard in order to retain your readers.

Read original article by Google on this topic

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a advertisent program run by the well known search engine company Google. Any publisher or website owner can publish Google ads through Adsense Program and can earn some revenue.

The revenue comes from the advertisers. When someone opens your website and clicks on an ad link, you will receive some revenue for that. It is not fixed. Sometimes it is few cents per click and sometimes few dollars. It depends upon the advertiser, how much he wished to pay per click.

Minimum payout is $100. You can request Google for payment once your account has accumulated $100 or more.

You need to have a google adsense account for all these. If you don't have, please apply through following link:

Read the Google AdSense Programme Policies carefully so that you don't lose your hard earned money through google adsense.

Hope this article is informative. Post your comments and querrries.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Submit your website or blog URL to major search engines

1. Why my website or blog is not coming up in the google search engine?
2. How to add my blog to search result?
3. How my website or blog will be displayed in top google search results?
4. How to submit site link to yahoo and MSN search engine?

If you have a similar question in mind, then read ahead. If your site is not coming in different search engines, then you are losing a major traffic which is totally free. You can add your website to major search engines like google, yahoo and msn (bing) for free. Don’t use any paid service claiming to show your site in top search engine results as you can do it yourself for free.

Please follow below link to submit your website URL to Google:

Please follow below link to submit your website URL to MSN or BING:

Please follow below link to submit your website URL to Yahoo:

This way you can build huge traffic to your site through search engines. Remember that search engines love those sites which keep changing very frequently. So, keep your site up-to-date always.
Click here to see other useful Blogger tips

How to increase your website popularity and google rank

Follow the following easy steps to increase substantial traffic to your site. You can make your site popular among web users by following the below steps. Also, your site will come in top google search results.

If your site is not at all coming in any search engine, follow this link.

If your website is listed in search results, but not coming in top search results, then follow the below steps to make it more popular and google friendly.

1. Participate different forums and try to answer some questions. Try to put a link to your website if it is relevant. Otherwise only put your website in signature.
Ex: See an example

Caution: Don’t spam anywhere by putting unrelated text. It impacts negatively.

If you want to popularise your site through the great indian site Indiastudychannel, Join at

2. Answer in yahoo answers and put your website name in sources. Login with your yahoo account at Yahoo Answers. Try answering questions here. You will have Fun as well as you will get people to visit your site.

Ex: yahoo answers example

3. Join all type of Social Networking sites and put your website name in your profile. Let your friends know about your website.
Ex: Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Bigada, HI5, Twitter etc

4. Add your website address in all your mail signature except official mail.
Ex: gmail signature, yahoo mail signature etc

5. You can add your website address in your chat window which can be visible to all. You can add in GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype etc

add website name to messenger

Give your feedback or comments.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What is a web browser? Give some example of web browsers? Which one is the fastest browser?

What is a web browser:
A web browser is a software application through which a person can access internet. we can surf the internet, we can listen to music, watch videos, share files, send and receive mails , do online chat and accomplish many more tasks through browsers.

Give some example of web browsers:
Some of the most popular web browsers are
1. Microsoft's Internet Explorer
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla's Firefox
4. Opera
5. Mac Safari

Which one is the fastest browser:
Google Chrome

Friday, June 19, 2009

How can I earn money Online ? How can I work part time in internet from home and earn some money?

After a long search in internet, I found a perfect solution to earn money in internet which is scam free. I can spend some of my free time to earn some income.

There are few methods that I follow. They are as below:

1. Create a blog and write something you love. You can put Google Adsense ads in your pages and can earn a part time. The content should be original to attract traffic.

To create a blog follow:
For more information about adsense follow:

2. Post content in some reputed websites and earn adsense revenue.

One site is :

3. Invest money in share market systematically. Buy stocks when markets crashed and sell them by booking profits. One can make fast bucks legally and morally only in share market.

** There is a risk factor involved, learn the market and invest wisely.

1. Don't join any internet money making site which claims that you can make thousands in 5 minute or a day.
2. Secondly don't join any paid program. All are scams.

Can any person open more than one Dmat account?

Yes, You can open more than one Dmat account in different banks. But in same bank, you can have only one Dmat account.

If you have a Dmat account in ICICI Bank now, you can open another account in SBI. It's legal.

Note: You need a PAN number for opening a Dmat account. It's mandatory.

Introduction to ExpertAnswers

This blog contains some frequently asked questions and a suitable answer. This blog was created in view of helping people with a perfect answer to their various querries.

Post your queries or mail me at I will post the answer here.

Post your comments and feedbacks here.
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